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Building together THE BEST TEAM for your company

At Icon Group we know that talent is the strength of an organization. As a service company with a presence in more than 20 countries, we recognize the contribution of the people who work with us and try to bring out the best in each of them.

We value talent as the key to success in an organization, which is why in 2014 we founded icon Talento, our own HR consulting firm specialized in the healthcare sector and today a leader in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. More than 500 selection processes per year and 2,000 professionals trained in our ranks endorse our experience.

Quality, Compliance and Pharmacovigilance Technical Profile

This figure is fundamental in healthcare companies, as it is responsible for ensuring that all products and services comply with quality standards, as well as with industry regulations and norms.

In addition, it is responsible for controlling the safety of the products and services offered by the company, which is crucial in this sector.

Health Profile, including MSL (Medical Science Liaison)

This profile includes professionals with specific knowledge in the health area who are responsible for providing relevant and updated information on the products and services offered by the company.

MSLs (Medical Science Liaison) are highly specialized professionals who act as a liaison between the company and healthcare professionals, providing scientific information on products and services.

Marketing Profile, Director, Product Manager...

In the healthcare sector, marketing is essential for the promotion of the company’s products and services, as well as for the creation of strategies to reach the target audience.

The marketing director is in charge of leading and coordinating the entire marketing team, while the product manager focuses on the development and launch of new products, hence choosing the right person is an important step in achieving objectives.

Technological, Digital and Omnichannel Profile

Nowadays, digitalization is key in any sector, including, of course, healthcare.

Digital and omnichannel profiles are responsible for developing and coordinating the company’s digital strategy, as well as ensuring that customer communication channels are up-to-date and effective.

Commercial Profile, KAM, on-site, hybrid and remote delegates

The Sales Department is responsible for establishing relationships with customers and promoting the company’s products and services.

While KAMs (Key Account Managers) are professionals in charge of managing the company’s key accounts, sales representatives focus on the sale and promotion of products, and this work can be done in person, remotely or with visits, or a combination of both options.

Market Agent Profile: Market Access, KIM, RAM

The Market Access technician is an agent in charge of managing the entry of products into the market and their access to patients.

The KIM (Key Informant Manager) and RAM (Regional Access Manager) are professionals who are responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with payers to ensure that products are accessible to patients.

Business Development Profile: Business Development

The Business Development technicians are in charge of seeking and evaluating new business opportunities, as well as establishing strategic alliances with other companies.

In a sector as specific and specialized as the health sector, it is very important to take care of this type of profiles, since they are the key to the company’s competitiveness and its possibilities of expansion.

Regional and Global Agent Profile

Coordinating a work team taking into account the peculiarities of each region without losing sight of the global projection of the company is a task that requires very specific leadership skills and the ability to generate a global vision of the company.

At Icon Group we find these profiles and train them to be able to coordinate and lead teams in different regions or countries and to be in charge of coordinating strategies and activities in their respective regions.

Talent Selection

We are leaders in identifying talent in each of the different profiles of the sector, whether they are commercial teams, CEO’s or senior management teams.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the labor market and the application of innovative techniques such as the creation of multi-country talent maps or headhunting, we achieve the highest success rates in the sector in terms of team building.

We do more than 500 selection processes per year in all types of profiles related to the health sector, especially in the commercial area.


  1. Profiles
    • Definition of Profiles
    • Recruitment Sources
    • CV Review
  2. Interview
    • Telephonic /Curricular / Competential
  3. Selection
    • Test
    • Candidate Report
    • Customer review


Education and Training

At Icon Talento we have trained more than 800 professionals in the pharmaceutical industry to contribute to the development of talent in the healthcare industry, both with training and individual and group training programs.

We develop customized programs adapted to your needs, with workshops and management sessions tailored to specific objectives and strategies: Digital Transformation, Commercial Skills Development, Account Management, Consultative Selling or Team Building.


  1. Sending of pre-session material for review.
  2. Valuation of prior knowledge as a basis for collaborative learning.
  3. Workshops with original material of our own production.
  4. Real case studies through the Interaction Platform.
  5. Follow-up methodology to assess the knowledge acquired.


Programs for Commercial Representatives

Our training and education programs for sales representatives are based on real cases in our industry, analyzing both best practices and opportunities for improvement.

In this way, we can design solutions tailored to the specific needs of your customers, taking into account their strengths and weaknesses.

Remote Care Programs (DTT)

To ensure the effectiveness of our remote care training programs, we validate our solutions with real physicians.

In addition, we offer a complete remote visit that allows our customers to experience first-hand the impact of our solutions in their work environment.

Mentoring for Managers

Through this process, our managers can receive ongoing support to overcome challenges that arise during the implementation of training and education solutions.

Our mentoring approach seeks to remove the barriers they face in the implementation of their work teams.


We design efficient and effective processes that allow your organization to work smarter, maximizing the efficiency and productivity of your teams.

Performance Evaluation Plan

Our performance evaluation plan is a valuable tool to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your sales teams, and establish an action plan to improve their performance.

Market research

We conduct an exhaustive analysis of the market to identify opportunities and threats in order to develop a solid business strategy that guarantees success.


We offer an outplacement service that allows your employees to find new job opportunities after a restructuring or layoff. This service ensures a smooth and effective transition for all involved.


At Icon Talento we offer our partners a consulting service that allows them to improve the efficiency, productivity and performance of their sales teams.

We have a large team of highly qualified consultants, who will collaborate with the different departments of the company in the definition of its commercial strategy. Together we will develop a customized action plan, tailored to the specific needs of your organization, and provide ongoing monitoring to ensure that the solutions implemented have the greatest possible impact.

  • Process design
  • Performance Evaluation Plan
  • Market research
  • Outplacement

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We develop and market innovative solutions and services that improve people’s quality of life and contribute to the advancement of the healthcare sector. If you are passionate about this world and are looking to be part of a team committed to excellence, we invite you to join us.

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