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Control your MULTICHANNEL MARKETING in an integrated way with our CRM

Digital transformation is a key factor for competitiveness and success in any industry, and especially in the healthcare industry. In this sense, icon Group has positioned itself as a leader in the design, development, implementation and support of information technologies that add value to the digital transformation of its customers. The company has made innovation its main driver, offering tailor-made solutions that integrate the latest technologies in the management of commercial activity.

Thanks to his extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry and his experience in international projects, icon Group has developed solutions omnichannel technology that enable its customers to manage face-to-face, hybrid and remote marketing of medical visit equipment, point-of-sale management, multichannel sales and 4.0 patient support programs, all integrated into a single 100% multichannel commercial management system. In addition, icon Group offers monitoring and data analysis tools to maximize the return on investments in information systems, enabling its clients to make informed and strategic decisions for the success of their business.


  • Full integration of all types of digital impact systems: eVisit (virtual and remote visit tool), videoconferencing, phone calls, email, whatsapp, SMS.
  • 24×7 Availability and Scalability.
  • 100% Cloud System (SaS)
  • Accessible from any web browser.
  • Cybervadis cybersecurity protocols.
  • More than 100 projects in 30 countries.
  • Regional multi-country teams.
  • On-site, hybrid and remote medical visit.
  • Sales and point-of-sale management.
  • MSL hybrid equipment.
  • Key Account Managers.
  • Available in Spanish, English and Portuguese/Brazilian.

Omnichannel CRM

Icon Group offers its partners an innovative system for managing commercial activity and patient support projects, integrating all its expertise in omnichannel project management since 2014.

This system has full integration with eVisita, videoconferencing, phone calls, email, Whatsapp, SMS and any other type of digital impact, guaranteeing 24×7 availability and scalability thanks to its cloud system (SaS).

In addition, it is accessible from any web browser and complies with Cybervadis cybersecurity protocols.

Icon Group’s system has an installed base of more than 100 projects in 30 countries, with multi-country regional teams offering face-to-face, hybrid and remote medical visits, point-of-sale sales and management (pharmacies and chains), hybrid MSL teams and Key Account Managers.

It is also available in Spanish, English and Portuguese/Brazilian, making it accessible to a wide and diverse audience. In short, Icon Group’s system is a complete and secure solution for the management of patient support projects and commercial activity in the healthcare industry.

Omnichannel Dashboard

One of the biggest challenges facing companies today is adapting to an increasingly omnichannel marketing environment.

In this sense, it is essential to have innovative and efficient solutions that allow companies to face new external and internal challenges in the management of commercial activity.

Icon Group has focused on offering its customers state-of-the-art tools and technologies such as the Omnichannel DashboardThe new solutions, which allow a total integration of the commercial activity and the management of healthcare professionals, as well as the monitoring and analysis of sales results and internal and third-party prescriptions.

In this way, companies can make informed and strategic decisions that allow them to adapt to the new omnichannel environment and improve their market position.




Incorporate new technologies that make it possible to integrate different sources of information: this involves using technological tools that make it possible to integrate different sources of information into a single system to obtain a more complete and accurate view of the situation. This will allow more accurate and efficient decisions to be made in the management of the commercial activity.

Definition of new KPIs

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are fundamental tools for measuring and evaluating the performance of a business.

It is necessary to define new KPIs that allow rapid decision making, so as to be able to act quickly in adverse situations or to detect opportunities for improvement.

Single point of tracking

This makes it possible to homogenize information at all levels: it is necessary to have a single point for monitoring commercial activity that allows information to be homogenized at all levels of the organization (regional VP, Country Manager, Sales Director, Sales Manager, Sales Representatives).

This will avoid duplication and provide a global and homogeneous view of the situation at all times.


Support in the management of business processes associated with data and systems management to maximize the return on our partners’ investments in information systems.

Bi Desk Support

Services that include data management and integration of different sources of information, reporting and data analysis, process automation and optimization of data-driven decision making.

In addition, BI Desk support also includes user training and education, technical assistance for troubleshooting and maintenance of information systems.

With BI Desk Support, Icon Group provides its partners with a comprehensive solution for the efficient management of their data and information systems, enabling them to make informed decisions and maximize their business performance.

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