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Innovation is a process that modifies existing elements, ideas or protocols, improving them or creating new ones that have a favorable impact on the market. It is a concept closely linked to the business environment that allows the generation of value, improving the welfare of society, implementing project developments, research, application of digital technologies, virtual prototypes, innovation and cultural wealth.

An innovation project is defined as a strategic plan built with the purpose of creating new products or services or offering a different solution to all kinds of problems.

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Innovation improves the competitiveness of any company, because through it, strategic objectives are boosted. At icon Group, we include the culture of innovation in our organization’s strategic plan and apply it at all levels.

How we innovate in our company’s processes:

  • Creating a culture of innovation.
  • Establishing innovation objectives.
  • Building the right team.
  • Transforming equipment and tools.
  • Working on the root cause of the problems.
  • Assuming risks and evaluating actions.


Innovation is everyone’s business, and to implement it icon Group intends to:

  • Involve employees, customers and other strategic allies who want to participate in the call for ideas.
  • Develop an incubator model for transforming ideas into “innovation projects”.
  • Recognize, stimulate & reward the disruptive thinking of our employees.
  • Commercialize each of these projects in the market.


In which areas are we going to focus innovation efforts within the company?

  1. Analysis service in conversations between medical visitors and health professionals
      • Semantic
      • Shade
      • Facial
  2. Digital hospital with 24/7 tele-monitoring ….
  3. Hologram creation service. …
  4. Service that allows you to create avatars without leaving home. …


All projects submitted in the Innovation area must be evaluated by the Evaluation Committee. To submit a project in Innovation, the object of the project must cover needs in one of the following areas:

  • Remote, Face-to-Face, Hybrid & Virtual Medical Promotion,
  • Patient Monitoring,
  • Training,
  • Distribution,

Likewise, those who wish to submit an Innovation project must follow a script in the form of questions to be answered in the proposal (if you wish to know specifically the characteristics of what the proposal should contain, please contact the members of the Evaluation Committee at innovationlab@iconocsgroup.com)

Likewise, the Evaluation Committee may request additional information on the Project in those points where it considers the information shared to be insufficient or unclear.

The Evaluation Committee will share its evaluation with the person(s) responsible for the proposal within 60 days. Likewise, once the response with the evaluation of the project has been shared, a period of 60 days will be opened to present possible allegations to said evaluation.

The Evaluation Committee is made up of:

  • Carlos Díaz – Chairman of the Board at Icon Group
  • Andés Varón – Latam Ops Manager
  • Gervasio Feliciosi – Global BI Manager

This Committee will rely on other members of the icon Group’s Management team in those specific areas where it deems it necessary.

If you have any doubts on any of the above points, please contact us at the following e-mail address


Our innovation center aims to foster creativity by stimulating the ability to generate ideas and approaches, and to promote the development of new products, services and processes, helping our employees and customers to turn their business ideas into reality.

Through virtual spaces we meet with mentors and experts in different fields to encourage and develop new ideas and innovative projects.

We are committed to “Disruptive Innovation”, transforming the traditional ways of doing things. By understanding the needs of our clients and placing new elements that evolve the project, we generate a significant impact turning it into a competitive business.

Our R&D center in Guatemala can be an important catalyst for economic and social development in the Americas. It also has an unbeatable geographic position from a strategic point of view, with connection points to North America, South America and the Caribbean.