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I CyberSecurity Healthcare & Pharma Congress 2023

I CyberSecurity Healthcare & Pharma Congress 2023

CyberMadrid, the Cybersecurity Cluster of Madrid, and MAD e-Health, the Digital Health Cluster of Madrid, will be hosting the “I Cybersecurity Healthcare & Pharma Congress 2023” on November 23rd at the School of Telecommunications Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

This exclusive gathering is dedicated to professionals and partners, focusing on one of the key challenges of today: cybersecurity in the Healthcare Sector.

The aim of this event is to share services and solutions aimed at implementing robust measures to safeguard patient data, information, ensure the continuity of health services, and comply with current regulations, as well as best practices in cybersecurity.

Information security and processes within the health-care and pharmaceutical environment are among the primary concerns of the health-care community.

The current situation underscores the urgent need for healthcare organizations to adopt cybersecurity practices.

Carlos Díez-Ruza, President of Icon Group and MAD e-Health, will participate in the opening ceremony and as a speaker during the event.

Successful Partners Meeting of GAPS Hosted by a good healthcare group in Berlin and Potsdam

Successful Partners Meeting of GAPS Hosted by a good healthcare group in Berlin and Potsdam

Icon Group expresses your gratitude for the excellent organization

Icon Group Extends Gratitude for Remarkable Organization Icon Group expresses its sincere appreciation to the good healthcare group for the outstanding coordination and hosting of the recent GAPS partners’ meeting in Berlin and Potsdam. The event served as a platform for strategic deliberations, the review of offerings, and the exploration of new opportunities within the healthcare landscape.

The collaborative efforts of attendees, including Sophie Mestré, Cedric Mont, Mike Ryan, Ariel Salmang, Thai-Hoa Pham, Giovanni Viganò, Per Öberg, Tomas Ludvigsson, Enrique Remezal, and Carlos Díez-Ruza, contributed significantly to the success of the gathering. Their engagement and expertise furthered discussions on global strategies, fostering an enriching environment for networking and international collaboration.

This week-long event not only facilitated extensive networking opportunities but also provided a forum for the exchange of insights and the delineation of innovative approaches in the healthcare sector. Icon Group extends its gratitude to all participants for their valuable contributions, making this event a fruitful and engaging experience.

The meeting underscored the commitment of Icon Group and its partners to the continual enhancement of healthcare solutions and the exploration of promising avenues for the benefit of global healthcare advancement.