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In these days when health care is facing major challenges such as overcrowded medical facilities, increasing chronic diseases, and rising costs of care, from icon Group we offer solutions for telemonitoring 4.0, that provide a revolutionary approach to patient-centered, preventive home care, improving quality of life and reducing the cost of care.

At icon Group, we offer advanced patient support programs, including nursing services, training and education programs for patients and healthcare professionals, to improve adherence to treatments and, ultimately, patients’ quality of life.

Our nursing and training teams are highly trained and use state-of-the-art technology to provide personalized and omnichannel care to patients, monitoring their progress in real time. In addition, we consistently invest in the education of healthcare professionals to share knowledge and experience on pathologies and products, both face-to-face and remotely.

Telemonitoring 4.0 Solutions

Our Digital Hospital offers a revolutionary approach that improves quality of life and reduces the cost of care through state-of-the-art technology and specialized equipment for remote support .

Digital Hospital

The Digital Hospital methodology focuses on preventive patient care, offering remote monitoring and immediate follow-up of the patient’s health:

  • Patients’ bioclinical parameters are continuously monitored.
  • Data is securely managed to identify trends and problems.
  • In the event of an alarm situation, patients and caregivers are contacted to assess the situation.

Patient Support Program

Our advanced patient support programs, extensively validated by our experience, allow a closer approach to their basic needs, improving their adherence and, ultimately, their quality of life.

Nursing Services

Our nursing teams are made up of the best health professionals, with proven experience in caring for patients, their families and their social environment. We use innovative technological platforms to monitor, in real time, the objective evolution of your condition.

Patient Education and Training Programs

Patient training has always been a priority, and a standard in our plans for the development of company services and solutions.

Training and Education Programs for Health Professionals

Education for healthcare professionals is another business area in which we consistently invest, sharing knowledge and experience on pathologies and products both in person and remotely, making the training of professionals flexible in those formats best suited to their respective activities.

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We develop and market innovative solutions and services that improve people’s quality of life and contribute to the advancement of the healthcare sector. If you are passionate about this world and are looking to be part of a team committed to excellence, we invite you to join us.

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We are committed to leadership in values and new ways of working based on innovation to achieve optimal and sustainable management that will serve as a platform for success.