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icon Group offers multiple services and specialized solutions for companies in the healthcare sector.

Our services have been structured in four areas of work.

Business Process Outsourcing BPO

BPO is a business process outsourcing, labor and human resources management, and supplier management service offered by Icon Group for multinational companies seeking customized solutions in Latam.

Contract Sale Organization CSO

Contract Sales Organization (CSO) is an outsourcing service for sales and promotion processes in the health and wellness field, offered by Icon Group with the objective of maximizing profitability and presence in the Latin American market of multinational companies.


Icon group offers a comprehensive distribution service that includes product logistics management, distribution platform and support in quality, regulation and medical assistance.

Technology and Consulting

Icon group offers Technology and Consulting services for companies looking for digital solutions, such as omnichannel CRM, virtual visit platform and digital customer profiling, among others, in addition to Digital Transformation consulting.


We offer all kinds of Personalized Services to Companies in the HEALTH SECTOR with presence in more than 20 countries in Europe and America.

Icon group is a company that offers a wide range of services for multinational companies looking for customized solutions in Latam. With our Business Process Outsourcing BPO service, we take care of the outsourcing of commercial activities, labor and human resources management, as well as supplier management. In addition, with our Contract Sales Organization CSO service, we offer comprehensive management of omnichannel medical promotion, medical education and market access, point-of-sale management and patient support programs.

In addition, Icon Group also offers distribution services, integral product logistics management, quality support, regulation, medical assistance, technology and consulting. Our digital solutions include omnichannel CRM, virtual visit platform and digital customer profiling, among others. With extensive experience in more than 50 projects, Icon Group has established itself as a reliable partner for companies seeking to maximize their presence and profitability in the Latin American market.


Externalización de Procesos de Negocio BPO


Soluciones para empresas que buscan externalizar sus actividades y negocios en Latam.


Contract Sales Organization CSO


Externalización de venta y promoción de productos y servicios en el ámbito de la salud y el bienestar.


Distribución DIS


Servicios de gestión integral para la comercialización de productos en España y Latinoamérica


Tecnología y Consultoría

Tecnología y Consultoría

Desarrollo de estrategias y nuevas herramientas adaptadas a cada cliente.

Commercial Management

At Icon Group we take care of all commercial activities, such as trade marketing, market access, marketing and sales.

This means that we take care of everything related to

  • business strategy,
  • dentification of market opportunities,
  • segmentation and targeting,
  • development of promotions and campaigns,
  • distribution management,
  • definition of prices and margins,
  • among others.


We take care of the labor and human resources management of the company.

This includes

  • contracting,
  • personnel training and development,
  • labor relations management,
  • definition of compensation and benefits policies,
  • evaluation and measurement of personnel performance.

It may also include managing the human resources of external partners, such as distributors and suppliers.


In this service, Icon Group takes care of the management of the company’s suppliers, including vehicle suppliers, insurance, marketing agencies and medical services.

We also take care of everything related to the selection, negotiation of contracts, monitoring of supplier performance, and management of payments and invoices.

Business Process Outsourcing

The Business Process Outsourcing BPO service offered by Icon Group is a high quality solution for multinational companies looking to outsource their operations, mainly in Latin America. Within this service, there are three key areas:


  • Commercial management, which covers all activities related to trade, market access, marketing and sales,
  • Talent management, which is in charge of labor management and human resources of the company,
  • Supplier management, which includes services such as automotive, insurance, marketing agencies and medical services.

Contract Sales Organization

At Icon Group we offer a wide range of outsourcing solutions to help our clients increase their sales and enhance their promotions of health and wellness products and services. Our approach is to provide customized solutions that meet the specific needs of each client with the highest degree of professionalism and the best value for money.

With these four sections, we meet all of our customers’ needs and contribute to achieving their sales promotion objectives.

  • Omnichannel Medical Promotion: F2F, Hybrid, Remote, MSL, KAM,…
  • Medical Education & Market Access: MSL, PAL, CSL,…
  • Integrated Point of Sale Management: Pharmacies, Drugstores,…
  • Holistic Management of Patient Support Programs: PSP 4.0



Omnichannel Medical Promotion

Through this service we are able to promote healthcare products and services using different forms and distribution channels such as face-to-face, hybrid or remote promotion, MSL (Medical Science Liaison) and KAM (Key Account Management), among others.

These strategies make it possible to reach more potential customers and increase sales, optimizing the cost of the investment made and improving your return on investment.

Medical Education & Market Access

With this service we offer advice and market access strategies for our client, as well as education in the more technical aspects of the sector.

We focus on providing accurate and up-to-date information to professionals so that they can make informed decisions, relying on figures such as the MSL (Medical Science Liaison), PAL (Patient Access Liaison) and CSL (Clinical Science Liaison), which guarantee effective and transparent communication and improve access to treatments and products.

Integrated Point of Sale Management

With this service we aim to improve the management of processes related to the direct sale of products and services such as pharmacies and drugstores.

We provide customized solutions to improve the visibility of health products at the point of sale, devising new marketing strategies to increase sales.

Holistic Management of Patient Support Programs (PSP 4.0)

Our holistic patient support management program considers all the personal and environmental aspects surrounding the patient, not only their disease or symptoms but also their emotional, social, spiritual well-being and their relationship with their environment. The services it encompasses range from appointment management, reminders, follow-up and monitoring of adherence to treatment.

Ehis approach places the patient himself at the center of all actions rather than his disease, contributing to the improvement of his quality of life and the effectiveness of the treatment.

Omnichannel Medical Promotion

Medical Education & Market Access

Integrated Point of Sale Management

Holistic Patient Support Management


  • Import of finished products, distribution and logistics
  • Market access
  • Medical and scientific support
  • Marketing and brand management
  • Omnichannel promotion of the product both to healthcare professionals and at the point of sale
  • Quality, compliance, pharmacovigilance
  • Registration of the product’s marketing authorization with the health authorities


We carry out the integral management of the commercialization and distribution of products. Our services include strategic marketing and sales planning, as well as distribution and performance monitoring of pharmaceutical products through the international biopharmaceutical company Avanzia Pharma, focused on providing customized solutions for the commercialization of innovative and consolidated brands in Spain and Latin America.

Avanzia Pharma is a leader in the pharmaceutical industry and has extensive experience in the commercialization of innovative and consolidated products in the market. Thanks to its customized approach and extensive network of contacts in the industry, we can offer tailor-made solutions for each of our clients.

Technology and Consulting

At Icon Group we are committed to excellence and for this reason we provide our partners with a large team of consultants who collaborate in the definition of the commercial strategy, elaboration of the action plan and its follow-up to increase efficiency, productivity and performance. In addition, we add value through the customized application of innovative and ground-breaking methodologies, tools and technologies based on our real-world experience in more than 50 projects.

Our services include:

  • Omnichannel CRM
  • Virtual Tour Platform
  • Digital Transformation Consulting
  • Digital customer profile



With our omnichannel CRM platform we offer the possibility to manage through multiple channels the relationship with your customers, in a complete and personalized way.

This technology will enable you to obtain essential information about your customers to redesign your sales and marketing strategies for better results.

Virtual Tour Platform

Our virtual visit platform allows our consultants to conduct virtual medical visits with clients, thus reducing costs and travel time.

In this way, our consultants can maintain fluid and personalized communication with clients without the need to travel.

Digital Transformation Consulting

With the Digital Transformation Consulting service we help companies to adapt their procedures to this new way of working in a sector in constant development.

At Icon Group, our digital transformation consultants can help our partners optimize their processes and adapt to new market demands in this new digital environment.

Digital customer profile

The collection of data and its subsequent analysis makes it possible to establish a digital profile of a company’s typical customers.

At Icon Group we have the necessary tools to collect these profiles and help companies redesign their strategies and adapt them to this knowledge in order to improve their business results.


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