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Since 2014 LEADING DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION in the healthcare sector.

At icon Consulting we combine knowledge and experience in the healthcare sector with the latest technologies and tools to offer customized solutions and add value to our clients in strategic decision making.

We provide value to both our sales teams and our partners through the customized application of innovative and cutting-edge methodologies, tools and technologies, with a strong specialization in omnichannel promotion of hybrid and virtual teams, integrating face-to-face, remote and all types of digital channels.


By conducting market research, we can help our partners to better understand their target audience and identify business opportunities.

Identification of Business Opportunities

Our industry expertise allows us to identify business opportunities for our partners in new markets or market segments.

Elaboration of Entry or Product Launch Plans

We develop entry or product launch plans to enable our partners to successfully enter a new market or launch a new product.

Resource Dimensioning

To ensure the efficiency of resources, we carry out an adequate sizing for each project, optimizing the investment.

Territorial Alignment

We develop territorial alignment strategies that help our partners establish their objectives and strategies according to the specific characteristics of each territory.

Incentive Plan Design and Target Setting

We design incentive plans and objectives to motivate the sales team and achieve the best results.

Profiling, Segmentation and Targeting

We use profiling, segmentation and targeting techniques to identify and segment our partners’ target audiences.

Omnichannel Dashboard Design

We develop dashboards that allow our partners to effectively monitor their commercial activity in all channels, both face-to-face and digital.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a discipline that focuses on transforming data into insights and strategies for action. To this end, we analyze the needs of our partners in order to propose customized solutions that allow them to design, plan, implement and monitor their commercial activity.

  • Market Research
  • Identification of Business Opportunities
  • Elaboration of Entry or Product Launch Plans
  • Sizing of resources
  • Territorial Alignment
  • Incentive Plan Design and Target Setting
  • Profiling, Segmentation and Targeting.
  • Omnichannel Dashboard Design.

    Digital transformation

    Icon Group, as a pioneer in omnichannel, has developed several resources and tools to achieve success in this area. Through our more than 10 years of experience in which we have had the opportunity to develop more than 100 projects from 30 different countries, we have acquired valuable know-how that we do not hesitate to make available to our partners to accompany them on the road to digital transformation and the implementation of new innovation and development tools.

    Each new project is based on two fundamental pillars:

    • Training and Talent Development
    • Elaboration of the Digital Customer Profile

    Training and Talent Development

    The commercial team of a company is nowadays a key element to achieve success in any project. At icon Group we strive to support and guide you to meet the new challenges posed by the healthcare sector and the increasing digitalization that surrounds us.

    We offer a comprehensive training program that transforms medical visit and/or pharmaceutical sales professionals into omnichannel experts, and since 2019 we know how to define, identify, attract, develop and retain the best sales profiles in the sector.

    Digital Customer Profile

    Over the years we have seen that it is not enough to assume what the customer wants, but to anticipate their real needs in order to offer them the best service in a totally personalized way.

    This is not possible without an exhaustive study of the market and the development of a Digital Profile that considers the peculiarities of each healthcare professional in order to develop the omnichannel offer that best suits them based on their experience, preference and needs.

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    We develop and market innovative solutions and services that improve people’s quality of life and contribute to the advancement of the healthcare sector. If you are passionate about this world and are looking to be part of a team committed to excellence, we invite you to join us.

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