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Medical Affairs & Market Access

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At icon Group we offer a wide range of Medical Science Liaison (MSL) services to suit the needs of our clients in the biopharmaceutical sector. Our MSLs are subject matter experts and provide essential, up-to-date medical information and comprehensive scientific coverage to support our clients in making decisions and promoting their products in the marketplace..

We work in partnership with our clients to ensure that our MSL team is fully trained and up to date on the latest scientific information and knowledge. We offer a comprehensive approach to medical and scientific information management, providing a wide range of solutions and tools, from training our MSLs to developing medical information materials and managing scientific events and conferences.


Conocimiento transversal

Conocimiento transversal

Diseñamos programas de duración completa gestionados por expertos del sector y tecnologías de vanguardia.


Estándares de calidad líderes del sector

Estándares de calidad líderes del sector

Ofrecemos la máxima calidad en nuestros procesos apoyados en los mejores profesionales en cada área.


Flexibilidad internacional

Flexibilidad internacional

Llevamos a cabo las operaciones de la forma más eficiente, a través de centros de trabajo innovadores y altamente competitivos.

Market Access

We support our clients to ensure access and availability of treatments to patients.

Our projects include profiles such as Key Institutional Managers, Key Access Managers, Regional Access Managers and as many others as necessary to collaborate with institutions and organizations, improving the health of society as a whole.

Medical Science Liasons

MSLs are a relevant, reliable and specialized figure with robust medical and scientific knowledge.

We offer a wide range of services tailored to the growing needs of our clients, both at the level of coordination of MSL’s own teams and the implementation of training and scientific support programs that enable better support to healthcare professionals.

Medical Information

From our more than 20 offices around the world with over 300 employees, our teams provide vital medical information to patients and healthcare professionals.

Our services support the main therapeutic areas, highly complex specialties and several rare diseases.

We provide services and solutions to the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies and are currently an international benchmark in the field of medical information services.

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We develop and market innovative solutions and services that improve people’s quality of life and contribute to the advancement of the healthcare sector. If you are passionate about this world and are looking to be part of a team committed to excellence, we invite you to join us.

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We are committed to leadership in values and new ways of working based on innovation to achieve optimal and sustainable management that will serve as a platform for success.